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“How to do affiliate marketing without a website”

While it is possible to conduct affiliate marketing without a website, websites are typically more practical for various reasons. On the other hand, the following are some methods for affiliate marketing without a website,

YouTube Channel

Make videos that you can use to advertise goods or services; in the description of those videos, put your affiliate links.

Develop a sizable following on Instagram and Facebook and post insightful material about the goods and services you endorse. Use posts or your bio to distribute affiliate links.

Email campaigns

 Create an email list and send your readers newsletters or promotional emails with affiliate links and insightful material.

Medium or Blogger

Compose insightful articles in your niche with affiliate links . Discussion Boards and Communities Participate in discussions about your niche on Quora, Reddit, or forums, and obliquely promote goods or services in your comments. Verify adherence to the platform’s guidelines.

Writing as a Guest

Write articles for other blogs or websites in your niche as a guest blogger, including affiliate links as needed.

Direct Outreach Influencer Partnership

Assist influencers in your niche with platforms or websites by partnering with them and requesting that they include your affiliate links in their posts.

Word of Mouth

Orally distribute your affiliate links orally via printed materials such as flyers or business cards.


Make sure you always abide by the terms and regulations of the affiliate program.


Whenever you advertise goods or services, disclose any affiliate ties.

Material Quality

To gain your audience’s trust, offer insightful, sincere, and genuine material.

Amazon Associates

Promote products on social media, in videos, or via email marketing using Amazon’s affiliate program. To keep track of recommendations, you can make unique Amazon Associate connections.

Marketplaces like Etsy or eBay

Like Amazon, these websites frequently include affiliate programs. Earn commissions by providing your readers with product links.

Teachable, Skill share, or Udemy

Make webinars or online courses in your area of expertise. These courses include affiliate product or service promotions.

YouTube Reviews

Write in-depth analyses or comparative analyses of goods and services, and remember to include affiliate links in the description of your videos.


Provide affiliate links in the show notes or orally with a customized URL if you have a podcast and mention and discuss goods or services.

Social Media Influencers

Join affiliate networks such as CJ Affiliate, Shar A Sale, and Click Bank. Some of these let you advertise things straight without requiring a website.


Place sponsored advertisements that drive visitors to your affiliate links on websites like Google Ads or social media.

Produce Digital Products

Write eBooks, manuals, or other materials relevant to your industry, then include affiliate links in the text.

Customized Short Links

To make shorter, easier-to-manage affiliate links for sharing on other platforms, use URL shortner such as Bitly or Pretty Links.

Occasions or Online Seminars

Organize webinars, workshops, or other events relevant to your specialty. During these sessions, market affiliate goods and services.

Form Direct Partnerships with Brands

Establish direct relationships with brands or businesses to obtain exclusive affiliate deals or sharing materials.

Online Forums and Groups

 Participate in niche-related forums and groups, and when appropriate, subtly suggest goods or services.

Infographics created with specialized content creation

Create eye-catching infographics on goods or services, then post them on social media with affiliate links included.


Using tools like SlideShare, make educational slideshows or presentations and include affiliate links in the text.

Live Demonstrations

 Using real-time links, host live streaming sessions on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or TikTok to showcase the features and advantages of goods and services.

Joint Ventures

Work together to co-create content with other influencers or content providers, including affiliate goods or services.

Local Seminars and Events

 Arrange or participate in regional seminars, workshops, or events where you can discuss and suggest related goods and services.


Hold giveaways or contests on social media where participants must interact with goods or services with affiliate links.

Mobile Apps

Include affiliate marketing into the UI of your app if you have one or can create one.

SMS marketing

Use text messaging to interact with subscribers by directly providing affiliate links and promotions.

Browser Add-ons

Create browser extensions with features or value associated with your niche, including referral or affiliate links.

Using eBooks and Audiobooks for Affiliate Marketing

E-books or audiobooks? Make digital audiobooks or eBooks pertinent to your specialty, and include affiliate links in the text.

Influencer Marketplaces

To find influencers ready to promote affiliate items without the requirement for a website, use influencer marketing platforms.

Limited-time Offers

Work with affiliate partners to arrange unique discounts or offers, then publicize them on the channels of your choice.

specialty Directories

Compile lists of suggested goods and services in your specialty and distribute them across various media.

Educational Platforms

Make courses that provide tools or resources connected to affiliates in the course content and post them on sites like Teachable, Coursera, or Udemy.

Webinar Promotion

Organize online seminars or webinars that are targeted at your niche and use the opportunity to advertise affiliate goods and services.

Syndicated Content

Post your articles or guest posts on different websites or blogs in your niche, then include affiliate links.

Podcasting as an Affiliate

Starting an affiliate podcast involves discussing subjects related to your niche while recommending affiliate goods and services in each episode.

Free Tools/Resources

Provide your audience with free tools, calculators, or resources, and incorporate product recommendations or affiliate offers into these materials.

Twitch/Mixer Streaming

If your niche fits, think about streaming on Twitch or Mixer. During live streams, you can talk about or promote related products.

Collaborations with Causes

Join forces with charities or non-profits within your expertise. When suitable, recommend affiliate goods or services supporting their causes.

Online Community Events

Use Discord or Clubhouse to host Q&A sessions, live chats, or AMAs (Ask Me Anything) while discreetly including affiliate promotions.

Local Business Collaboration

As part of joint promotions, associate yourself with nearby companies that fit your specialization and recommend related goods or services.

Industry Summaries

Assemble research or papers pertinent to your niche, then incorporate suggestions or affiliate links in the text.

Print Media Collaterals

Put QR codes or short links pointing to affiliate goods and services on flyers, brochures, and business cards.

Product Placement in Video Material

 If you produce video material outside social media, consider using affiliate links or suggestions along with product placement.

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